Hillary ooos is a funny lady... that is...


She's part time silly, part time everything else

 Hillary is a sassy part-time secretary and part-time character comedienne who dreams of making it big!  As a comedienne her style has been described as somewhere in between Lady Bunny and Phyllis Diller, if you add in a whole bunch of zany characters, impersonations, costumes, and a bag of chips.  She is the funniest member of the House of Lix, and performs regularly with them at Disgraceland, as well as lending her thoughts and opinions to their weekly podcast Squirrel Talk! (available on itunes).  She also independently produces various comedy shows such as The Gag Ball, her monthly murder mystery with drag queens, “Slay!” and monthly queer improv meets drag race show, co-produced with Second City Toronto, “Yaas, And!?” 


AWFUL - probably the worst act I've seen since last Tuesday, when that new Netflix show came out. I was really expecting more from Netflix. But this B*** was worse.

- My mom


I have been a singer for ages, this is just a small example of how good I am at this.  

My Professional Demo Reel I got for cheap

If you want a taste, a feeling, a smell of what I do as a entertain-eur - this professionally produced (but not expensive, I got a great deal, my aunt took a class, and I got 50% off which is a great deal, if you need a reccomendation, I can give you one) demo reel that I am very proud of and watch every day to get the view count higher.  Thank you AND ENJOY. 


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